The Holland Family, Bright, Victoria

The Holland family. There were certainly a few of them! Although I don’t specialise in larger families, I am so glad to have spent a few hours with this family. It was the Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary – and it was exactly 50 years on the day we took these images. What a special memory for them all….and for me!
Adam_Holland, Bright_0148.jpg
Adam_Holland, Bright_0149.jpg
Adam_Holland, Bright_0150.jpg
Adam_Holland, Bright_0151.jpg
Adam_Holland, Bright_0152.jpg
Adam_Holland, Bright_0153.jpg
Adam_Holland, Bright_0154.jpg
Adam_Holland, Bright_0155.jpg
Adam_Holland, Bright_0156.jpg
Adam_Holland, Bright_0157.jpg

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