So here’s the very best place to start.  The place where many, if not most, questions are answered!  There are so many different parts to a wedding.  There’s the lead up, the day, then there’s the ‘after’.

Before your wedding day

What do you charge? ~ My packages begin at $2000. If you would like more information, please feel free to email me: jenboote@gmail.com or call me on 0425 750 802    I am not the type of person to put any pressure on you at all.

Do you travel? ~ Absolutely.  Travel is a passion of mine and already photography has taken me places I never thought I’d go. My basic costs cover up to 1 hour travel.  If travel beyond 1 hour, I would only charge you for whatever it costs me. I don’t add anything unnecessary and I don’t make any profit on my travel.  Costs for interstate travel and accommodation are also payable by you but again, I don’t add any commission and I always choose reasonably priced accommodation – after all, I don’t spend much time there!.

Are you the photographer? ~ I sure am.   At your request, I can organise another photographer to ‘second shoot’ in certain circumstances, but other than that I’m it and it would take a major sickness for me not to be there.

Can you hold a date without a deposit? ~ I can hold a date, but I cannot confirm it as locked in until I have received a deposit and signed contract.  If another request were to come in for the same date, I would contact you but deposit payment would need to be made immediately.

Do you have a videographer service? ~ No I don’t.  I can recommend people though. I concentrate on photography. That is where my expertise lies and I believe a videographer would be the same. They are two very different fields.

Equipment? ~ I have 2 cameras that I use constantly throughout a wedding. That way I can have 2 lenses at my fingertips and, if one were to fail I have a backup.

Do you provide prints/albums? ~ Yes, for an additional charge I can provide both.  Just ask.

Can we meet? ~ Definitely.  I much prefer to meet my brides and grooms.  Because of location, this is often not possible and there are many times when I have met my couples on their wedding day at it still works out perfectly.  I’m always happy to Skype if meeting doesn’t work out.  If not email and phone are always good.

How do we book? ~ All you have to do is let me know you want to book me and I will send you a contract and an invoice. Once I receive payment and contract, your date is completely secure.

Do you offer pre-wedding photographs? ~ Yes, I do engagement and pre-wedding sessions (A couple/engagement session is included if you choose my Pearl package – location would need to be close to me and it would generally be a 1 hour session).  I love doing these as they give us an opportunity to meet and get to know each other a little better.  I provide approx. 50 high-resolution images to you.  Feel free to ask about pricing.

What is the best time for taking photos? ~ Glad you asked that one.  Photographers refer to ‘the golden hour’.   It’s the hour before sunset and it has a magical light (if there is sunshine of course!).  This is the time I prefer to photograph your post-ceremony couple photographs on your wedding day and your pre-wedding photographs if you choose to have them.

What if you’ve never seen our venue? ~ I’m never really concerned about this.  Even if I were to visit the venue beforehand, it could be different light and certainly differently decorated than on your special day.  I find it far more exciting to work it out on the day.  It is after all your day – it’s unique to you and that is how I look at my photography.

On your Wedding Day

What is your timeline for our wedding day? ~ Basically around 30-40mins with the guys and around 1.5hrs with the girls.

If you have chosen a package that includes photos before the ceremony, I would normally go to the bride’s location first. I would take candid (relaxed/unposed) images of the hair/make up being done and some general photo’s of the family/friends that are around at the time. This takes around 20 minutes. I would then head over to where the Groom is getting ready. I prefer to arrive there when the groom and groomsmen are relaxed, showered and not yet dressed. I grab some images of them doing whatever it is they are doing – having a drink, a game, a chat…and then I stay while they get into their gear and grab a few of them candidly getting ready (cuff links/ties/button holes etc). If time allows, we would head outside to get some more setup (but still relaxed) portrait images.  These images could include parents/family members if time allows. I then head back to the bride. My time with the groom is around 30-40 minutes. I then stay with the bride right through until she is ready to go but I would leave around 15 minutes before the ceremony to make sure I’m there and ready for when she arrives. (times are dependant on the distance between where all these events occur).

A few things to think about……

It helps if all the ‘accessories’ are together at one location. Things like rings, shoes, flowers, invitation, jewellery, perfume/cologne etc These are things I tend to photograph as part of documenting the day.     If its possible to have the room clean and clear of clutter, it makes for MUCH better photographs! A cluttered room can be very difficult to work in and can restrict what/how I photograph. A lovely light filled room is perfect. Just keep this in mind when choosing where to get ready.

What images are covered as part of our package after the ceremony? ~ Basically I’m in your hands. I generally suggest we get the formal group/family photographs done as soon as possible after the ceremony. If you are able to prepare a list of what you would like taken, and then allocate a person who knows all the people (or is willing to work with you) these photographs will run far more smoothly. I can then work with the allocated person and be sure all photographs you want covered are taken.

How do the Bride and Groom only photographs work? ~ This part of the day is really up to you and what you would like. Personally, I like to capture these images in the ‘golden hour’ – the hour before the sun sets. If it is possible for this to be soon after the ceremony and the group/bridal party photographs are taken – that is perfect. It is the first time you both get to be quietly together after the ceremony and it’s a chance to capture some of the relaxed, just married heartfelt moments together away from all your family and guests.

How long we do this for and where we do it is totally up to you. Some people like to stay at the venue and we find a quiet place, others have a special place they want to go, and then there are people who like me to suggest. I’m happy to work with what you want.

I aim to have this part of the day done inside of an hour – more like ½ hour. Your wedding day is a day you want to be with your family and friends and celebrate to enjoy and have fun. I don’t want to keep you away from that any longer than you want to be away.

I’ve heard the term ‘First reveal’ or ‘First look’ what does it mean? ~ When I first experienced this, I wasn’t sure it was what I would have wanted myself. Since then however, I’ve seen many benefits in doing it. The first reveal/look is when the Bride and Groom make the decision to meet before the ceremony. Usually the groom is positioned somewhere so he can’t see his Bride and then the Bride will appear and slowly the Groom will turn around to see his Bride. The beauty of doing this is that you are basically completely on your own (other than me) when you see each other on your Wedding Day. It’s intimate, it’s super special and it makes for wonderful photographs. The reactions are truly absorbed, where this can be harder in front of all your family and friends. You then both go away separately and meet back at the ceremony! It also gives you just a bit more time together on this amazing day. A day when you spend a lot of time apart or with family and friends – but you don’t get many moments quietly together at all.

Some people are very traditional and don’t agree with seeing each other before the ceremony – but many are moving away from that thinking. I’m quite happy to accommodation either way of thinking.  Here are a few images from Josh & Desley’s first reveal so you get an idea….

First Reveal

Picture 1 of 1

What is the best time of day for our ceremony? ~ As mentioned above, the ‘golden hour’ – the hour before sunset is the best time to have couple portraits done. The time to avoid is when the sun is at it’s highest. That is between 11am and 3pm. During this time the sun is very harsh and shadows will fall from above and be far from flattering – there is also a high chance of squinting. If we do couple portraits before the ‘golden hour’, I encourage my couples to sneak out of the reception for a brief time (10-15mins) to capture some beautiful sunset photos.

What happens if we wake to a very overcast day.or even rain? ~ Then I’ll be doing a happy dance! I would much rather photograph on an overcast day than in harsh middle of the day sun! We simply need to be prepared with some Umbrella’s (I have a couple) and have fun. Fun in the rain can make for amazing photographs!

We are not at all comfortable in front of a camera – how do we deal with this? ~ I hear this said so often and I totally understand. That is the reason I have worked so hard on being ‘unobtrusive’ on wedding days. My aim is to have you as at ease as is humanly possible. I don’t ask you to do anything you don’t want to do and I encourage you to be as relaxed together as you can be. I will give a little direction – but that is all I will do. I encourage love, laughter and fun. I am far more focussed on capturing the two of you being who you are so that the images you look back on from your wedding day show the real you – not people you don’t recognise. Raw, honest relationship and love – that is my goal.

Your Reception

We’ve decided we would like you to stay until the end of our reception – what will that cost and when can we decide? ~ My packages explain what is included but if you would prefer extra time I charge $200 per additional hour and photographs can’t be released to you until that payment has been received.

I generally find that 1.5-2 hours into a reception is enough time for me to capture the important parts – cake cutting, first dance, speeches etc (if they are part of your day). 2 hours is also generally enough for me to capture some dance floor time. After 2 hours the party is usually well and truly underway and photos can be taken by the many guests cameras that have appeared by then!  My Pearl package includes 1 hour into your reception, but more can be organised at a cost of $200 ph.

Do we need to provide a meal if you’re staying for the reception? ~ it is very much appreciated if you could provide a meal for me. I don’t eat much at all on your wedding day (I definitely don’t need a 3 course meal!) – but something to keep me going would be great. I usually sit with the other ‘suppliers’ at the event if that helps at all.

Do you provide images of everyone at the reception if we chose a package that includes the reception? ~ I am a photographer that roams around quietly taking photographs of ‘moments’ rather than posed photographs. I usually find that there are others at your wedding with cameras that are happy to take photos that are ‘staged’. I will certainly provide some candid photos but I don’t go around every table and there will definitely not be photographs of everyone there other than in a group image.

After your wedding day

How will we receive our photos and how many will there be? ~ I provide a minimum of 400 images that I have edited. That can vary a little depending on which package you choose and how long I am with you on your day. I take a lot more than that, but many are duplicates that I take in case eyes are closed or someone has moved etc. The process of working through your images and selecting the best ones is part of my ‘art’. I know instinctively which images are best and will keep images that aren’t ‘technically’ perfect if they express emotion or a certain look from someone.

Your images are presented as high resolution, unwatermarked .jpg files on a beautiful wooden USB.

Can we view our images and choose what goes into our small album? ~ Yes! I have an online gallery that you will have password access to. Your family and friends will also be able to view this gallery and images can be ordered from that gallery.

How long before we will be able to view our gallery? ~ Usually your gallery will be up no longer than 6 weeks after your wedding but where possible I aim for 4 weeks.

How ‘edited’ are our photos? ~ I pride myself in simple editing. I am a natural photographer and I follow that theme right through to my finished product. I don’t like images that have been heavily re-touched. I will remove pimples/blemishes or dark circles that often appear on wedding days, but other than that I tend only to smooth skin, colour correct and enhance photos in a way that removes that ‘digital’ feel to create a more natural look. I also edit to maintain consistency. If you look at my blog you will see the end result of my editing.


Why an album? ~ I am finding more and more people are moving back into ordering Albums. Why? because so many people get their images on a USB and there they stay. They will never feel as real on a USB as they do in print. I also believe people are realising that quality prints will last a lifetime. Prints produced in a professional lab have far, far better quality and will last for generations to come. Prints from a local mass production supplier simply won’t.

Albums can be brought out to show people. It’s much harder to find your USB and get your computer out! ….and as a friend of mine quotes – you can’t hand your Facebook page to your children or grandchildren!

An Album is something you experience. It is a work of art, is a tangible, beautiful memory of your wedding day. It is priceless really.

How many photographs do I get in my album and can I be involved in the selection? ~ I offer a 16×12 inch album which comes in a beautiful display box (colours can be chosen by you).  The album cover is made from high quality leather and comes with your names and the date of your wedding embossed on the front.  The album standardly has 20 pages but more can be added for an additional cost.

I encourage you to be involved in the selection process. As a matter of fact, what goes in the album is what you choose. I will only comment if you want me to! My online gallery will allow you to choose those you want. You can make 3 lots of adjustments. After those 3, the cost per adjustment is $80.

Your album should be completed and ready for you in approx. 3-4 weeks.


I hope that answers most questions – if it doesn’t, please don’t hesitate to call or email.  I’m happy to answer any questions you may have!